Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Before this fast craze of fix gear track bikes, NJS, & Bianchi pista's, I was never really fond of any other bikes besides BMX. It was not until this past year and a half that I really gotten into the fix gear scene spending tremendous amounts of $$$ which I normally wouldn't. Who in the right mind spends $300 on an aerospoke wheel and $100 Toshi straps?!

Well, I went back to Orange County this past week and went to the Golden West College Flea Market and found a diamond in the rough, a GT Interceptor! I remember just cruising down to the local BMX bike shops and just hanging out admiring all the bikes and the smells of the brand new tires. AWW the memories! There was no questions asked. With my skills of bartering I was able to take this baby home.

Here's some photos of my great find:

What do you know about Pit-bull breaks!

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