Friday, September 4, 2009


So I recently took the DAT's which I have been studying this past summer, spending about 8-hours a day for 2.5 months. The test was schedule the day before the semester began, so I really did not have much of a break. Riding to work and to Borders was the most action I saw this whole summer, besides the occasional breaks. While taking the 4.5 hour test, at the very last 10 minutes, the computer decides to freeze on me, and I was unable to finish the final quantitative reasoning (math) section. My overall score was pretty good and sufficient to some schools but I really had to make up for my past g.p.a. I had to write to the dental committee boards and appeal my math score.  
Unfortunately I was not able to retake the math section over, I would have to endure another 4.5 hours to retake the whole test. After a week of waiting, I finally got to re-schedule my exam. 
New test date is on September 11, 2009 (9/11). I guess everything happens for a reason and I going to have to blow this test up! 

-Off to Borders!

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