Monday, April 19, 2010


 At a time I was obsessed with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, also known as the Evo. Hence the alias "Evomase". The Evolution was originally intended only for Japanese markets, but the high demand led the Evolution series to be offered to rally dealers in the UK and in European markets during the late 90's. Mitsubishi then decided to export the Evolution to the States in 2003. I have been a huge fan of the drifting community. Formula Drift Round 1 recently took place in the streets of Long Beach, CA not too long ago and videos of the event are popping up everywhere. Wish I could have been there. There is 7 rounds scheduled all across the United State with round 6 & 7 in California. I have to make to at least one of them!

Round 1
Via Robert Strohmeyer on Vimeo.
A nice little showcase. 
Via Daniel Kruthanooch on Vimeo.
Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes the victory and the current lead in the championship standings. The guy is literally a "Monster" drifting in a Mustang. I would not be surprised if he takes it all the way.
Via Drift Alliance on Vimeo.

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