Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 5th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep! 12/4/2010

I was fortunate to be apart of "The Supermarket Street Sweep" last year.  Killer race through the bustling streets of SF with multiple check-points.  An unusual alley cat in that it requires racers to check in at various supermarkets spread out through San Francisco to purchase non-perishable food. The race is split into two divisions: speed or cargo. Racers for the speed race expect to spend anywhere from $15-30, and the cargo racers spend hundreds of dollars. It takes a financial commitment to contribute to this amazing event. Last year the event raised 7,507 lbs of food, which is over 6,000 meals! Great race for a great cause. Check out the photo opt - 1st column, 2nd row.

Race Details

WHEN: Saturday, December 4th, High Noon.

WHERE: Cupid Span's (Bow & Arrow) at Folsom and Embarcadero.

CARGO RACE: Bring back the heaviest load of food from the designated grocery stores.

SPEED RACE: Buy specific food items from the designated grocery stores and get to the finish as soon as possible.

WHAT TO BRING: Bag, box or crate (whatever you rock to the grocery store), a lock and money to buy items (suggested $15-30, whatever is comfy, everything helps).

Both races end @ 4pm. Prize party to follow.

All items will be donated to the San Francisco Food Bank.

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